HDPE exhibits the properties of high impact strength, abrasion resistance, and low coefficient of friction. The material is also moisture, stain, and odor resistant. HDPE is known for its large strength to density ratio. This materials durability makes it ideal for a variety of applications. It comes standard in natural and black. The black is available in virgin and reprocessed material. HDPE comes in three (3) different finishes: smooth, orange peel, and planed. The natural (white) material is also FDA and NSF approved. The black material can be done as FDA approved, but it is a custom run.

HDPE can used in pipe and pipefittings for potable water and water transportation along with making toys, bowls, buckets, milk bottles, crates, tanks, containers, film for packaging and blown bottles for food. Other major uses include high-quality, injection molded housewares, industrial pails, food containers and tote boxes; extruded water and gas distribution pipe, wire insulation and structural foam housings. Mechanically ground HDPE resins are used to rotationally mold large, complex shaped products such as fuel tanks, trash containers, dump carts, pallets, agricultural tanks, highway barriers and water & waste tanks for RVs. Additionally, HDPE sheet is often extruded with a pebble finish and is used as a cutting board in a variety of industry markets (meat packing, butchering, etc.), as well as for home use.

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