Delrin® AF is a mix of Delrin® resin with either Teflon powder or Teflon fiber. The standard Delrin® AF is with 13% Teflon powder fill. Delrin® AF 100 with a Teflon fiber fill is also available in either 13% or 20%. The 13% fiber mix is more readily available. The 20% mix is a custom run. The color of the material is dark brown.

Delrin® AF with the powder fill is FDA and USDA compliant. Delrin® AF 100 with the 13% fiber fill is only NSF compliant. It is a unique thermoplastic material for use in moving parts in which low friction and long wear are important. Delrin® AF 100 fiber fill offers a slightly higher limiting PV and lower coefficient of friction than standard Delrin® AF blend due to the additional Teflon content. However, the additional Teflon typically decreases the wear capability, tensile and impact strength. Delrin® AF 100 with Teflon fiber generally has a higher cost than the standard Delrin® AF. Delrin® AF has strength, toughness, dimensional stability, and good machinability.

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