UHMW comes in the standard natural (white) and black. UHMW performs well under the most rigorous conditions of wear and environment because of its unique combination of physical and mechanical properties. Not only does it have the highest known impact strength of any thermoplastic currently available, it also offers a high resistance to abrasion. UHMW has a very low coefficient of friction and extremely low moisture absorption, making it ideal for industrial wear, impact and sliding applications. UHMW is non-toxic, odorless, and taste-less. The natural color material is FDA and USDA approved for direct contact in meat or poultry processing. It is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals, except oxidizing acids.

UHMW is easily machine sawed, milled, turned, planed, drilled or punched. UHMW is commonly used in the mining, pulp & paper, chemical and food & beverage industries. It may also be used in applications such as snowplow linings and fertilizer spreaders. UHMW is also used in the manufacture of hydraulic seals and bearings. It is best suited for medium mechanical duties in water, oil hydraulics, pneumatics, and unlubricated applications. It has a good abrasion resistance but is better suited to soft mating surfaces.

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